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Tue Aug 8 09:48:35 UTC 2017

W dniu 08.08.2017 o 10:44, Janko Mihelić pisze:
> pon, 7. kol 2017. u 21:48 Daniel Koć <daniel at koć.pl 
> <mailto:daniel at ko%C4%87.pl>> napisao je:
>     We could also try to craft internal classification similar to mix used
>     with roads, for example:
>     "big river - "medium river - "small river -
> I agree with this, but we should also correlate these tags with some 
> objective attributes like CEMT if available. Countries love their own 
> features, so the biggest river in a country will always get the "big 
> river" tag, however small it is. Luckily, big rivers are often 
> international so that should correct things a bit.

There can be more data about the river and the user can combine them if 
she wants something more precise than general class, which may be 
relative. For roads it could be surface=* or lanes=*, but most of the 
time rough, relative classification is good enough.

"Like a halo in reverse" [M. Gore]

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