[Tagging] shop=fashion

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 30 18:33:45 UTC 2017

Le 30. 08. 17 à 20:16, Daniel Koć a écrit :
> W dniu 30.08.2017 o 19:36, marc marc pisze:
>> Le 30. 08. 17 à 19:19, Daniel Koć a écrit :
>>> That's why I haven't proposed an example value for it in my
>>> clothes/shoes subtag proposal
>> sorry I didn't see it. can you give me its url again ?
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/shop%3Dclothes_subtags 
what's style=skate ? I don't understand this word
did you need to prefix all tag ?
could it be commodity:*=* ?

>> shop=boutique with a meaning "haute couture" could be 
>> deprecated only if it is a good subtag to use.
>> because in France, it is a specific type of high-range shop
>> as you can see in the english wikipedia page
>> maybe range=high or another word with this kind of meaning
> But it's still not definied what "haute couture" means in turn
> how can one describe it?
a member of
or same for worldwide shop

> Maybe this means simply clothes:style=elegant?

no, I could be casual or elegantIt's more handmade, high quality, expensive
maybe add a handmade tag and range tag

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