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Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Thu Aug 31 16:09:44 UTC 2017

My 2 cents

shop=fashion is subjective & wide ranging. Remember when some considered 
the shell suit the thing to be seen in? it needs deprecating.

shop=boutique. Shops in my locale who describe themselves as 'boutiques' 
("for the discerning and stylish woman.") are primarily based around 
clothing, but often have a side-lines of other products, such as 
jewellery, handbags, beauty products & even homeware. Would 
shop=clothes. clothes=boutique clarify?

shop=shoes is a standalone shop & should not be amalgamated into 
'clothes'. Point out a shop with shoes in the window & ask "What's 
that"? 99% of people will say "it's a shoe shop".


On 31/08/2017 13:07, marc marc wrote:
> Le 30. 08. 17 à 19:19, Daniel Koć a écrit :
>> deprecate shop=fashion
> I agree that shop=fashion is a "no meaning" tag
>> shop=boutique as part of making things clear in this field.
> for shop=boutique, I think you are wrong.
> A shop=boutique (except from the translation+wiki being corrected)
> is something totally different from a shop=clothes.
> You can define the additional tags needed to have a shop=boutique
> (handmade, high range), but even so, in my opinion it is not
> enough to move all shop=boutique to shop=clothes.
> I think that shop=boutique must continue to exist
>   > My feeling is that my wallet will know the difference
>   > between shop clothes and boutique.
>   > Shop boutique relates to shop clothes like restaurant
>   > relates to fast food
> I agree with that for shop=boutique
> but can your wallet, your wife or a fashion addict explain
> a difference between shop=fashion and shop=clothes
> If all shop=fashion are also shop=clothes and vice versa,
> perhaps the merger is usefull
>   >> a member of
>   >> https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haute_couture#Liste_des_membres
>   >> or same for worldwide shop
>   > Shop types are not members of anything like that
> I think that in France, the term "haute couture" is protected,
> in the same way that you can not claim to be an architect
> without formalities in certain countries. I'll check that out.
> Of course on a world level, it must be more flexible but there are
> still some notions that makes that Wallmark had no shop=boutique
> department even if it creates a ray of high quality handmade
>   > what about tagging exclusive/luxury goods? Do we need it?
> all your additional tag are useull and I agree to create them.
> but even so, I do not think shop=boutique must be depreciated
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