[Tagging] Tagging for Pipe Line Reserves

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Thu Feb 9 16:01:26 UTC 2017

Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> writes:

> That tags the pipe line itself.
> The request is to tag the area set aside for a pipe line ... a reserve.

I would avoid the word "reserve" as it has lots of connotations, at
least in en_US, that don't really fit.

Here, we have strips of land, sometimes owned, sometimes easement, for
various utility purposes, including:

  buried electricity

  overhead electricity

  buried gas pipeline

  buried aqueduct

  mounded aqueduct (sort of buried with elevated dirt, and mounded is
  not a real term)

All of these are somewhat similar in purpose.  I'm a big fan of having a
single landuse= appropriate for every bit of land, so I would call this:


and also leisure=park, only if it's park-like (maintained/mowed),
perhaps leisure=nature_reserve if it's wilder and intended for
creatures, and probably we need some leisure=trails for areas that are
not really like parks but not really intended for creatures where you
can hike under the power lines or on the gas line right-of-way.
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