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> On Feb 12, 2017, at 8:30 AM, Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think a subtag for dryers is appropriate and could be useful.

I agree!  The extended campground proposal has a separate tag for both. 

Side note: 

I imagine laundromats could have a whole 

Laundromat:foobar=n  scheme. 


Would be the closest laundromat to my house, Kg are approx. 

I have never really read up on the tagging scheme, maybe they do. 

Traditional Japanese residences have washing machines only and line-dry clothes. Even in the winter (snow on the ground, but sunny today) people have laundry out under deck covers or carports (so many houses have carports, almost none have garages for tax reasons). 
There are washing machines that dry 1/2 a load, and there are dryers for sale, but the "average" Japanese household doesn't have a dryer. My parents' US household hasn't line-dried anything in 25 years - regular household washers and driers in the US are giant compared to the small 7kg laundry /55L water washer we have here (they measure capacity in Kg of laundry, dunno how it is done elsewhere). There are "western" washers for sale, but they are exceedingly rare. 

So the laundromats in Japan have oversized  side-loading industrial washers for futons, as most houses can't wash futons, and usually there are more dryers than washers (at least here in suburbia), as when it is raining, people bring loads of wet laundry down to dry them. The large driers can handle ~20kg of wet laundry. 

Here is an average suburban Japanese coin-laundry on some blog: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/harukien1/9914343.html

Having the type of machine and its capacity and count, and specialty machines (agitator washing machines, sneaker washers, etc) are great. Agitator (with the center post) is very rare here, even at laundromats. Top-loading household ones don't have agitators, so what would be "standard" at a us laundromat (top-loading agitator machines) is a rare specialty machine at a Japanese Coin Laundry. Seems dryers are that way for you =} 

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