[Tagging] amenity=vending_machine and vending=public_transport_plans?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 09:28:35 UTC 2017

On 17-Feb-17 07:13 PM, Thomas Bertels wrote:
> Le 16/02/2017 à 21:23, Warin a écrit :
>> On 16-Feb-17 11:53 PM, John Willis wrote:
>>>> On Feb 16, 2017, at 5:41 PM, Dalibor Jelínek <dalibor at dalibor.cz> 
>>>> wrote:
>>>> vending=public_transport_plans
>>> Sounds like a long term ticket, though I would call it a pass.
>>> Most students here in Japan use 3 month passes between 2 stations 
>>> designated on their pass (digital or paper ones; Pasmo cards in 
>>> Japan are these) and have to repurchased or renewed for another time 
>>> period. This is separate from the "debit card" style of pre-paid 
>>> cards (like a Suica card in Japan or a BART ticket in San Fran) that 
>>> track money for individual fares. They are time based tickets that 
>>> has unlimited use over a time (usually over a month) for a chosen 
>>> route - so buying one is different than buying a single-use ticket.
>>> I can see the use of "plan" (as it is a monthly, sessional, or 
>>> yearly contract), but I have never heard it referred to as that. I 
>>> would choose public_transport_long_term_pass or similar, but if it 
>>> is in use and eventually documented and supported by mapping apps, 
>>> then it should be fine.
>> There are only 75 of these .. ask the people who placed them in OSM 
>> for an answer as to what they mean by 'public_transport_plans".
> There's the same kind of thing as the Pasmo card in Belgium. These are 
> getting more and more common in different countries.
> I've tagged these as public_transport_tickets as I thought that 
> public_transport_plans could mean maps, but it probably means long 
> term "ticket". After checking its use in Germany, France and 
> Netherlands, I'm sure it doesn't mean maps.
> I think public_transport_tickets and public_transport_plans should be 
> combined, maybe under a different name. Both can be sold at the same 
> machine.

I would think a 'ticket' goes back to the days of a cardboard 'ticket' 
... usually for a single journey or return (there and back).

A 'plan' might be better termed a 'pass'? That would get away from the 
confusion with a map.

These all need to be well documented on the OSMwiki so that mappers can 
use (and hopefully stick to them).

If these need to be combined (good) then public_transport_payment (or 
purchase) ... or something like that?
I would try not to use the same tag names again .. to ease migration and 

> And add the ability to specify if we can get a ticket, a card 
> (rechargeable or not), a token, or if we can only recharge a card we 
> already have.

To me
a 'ticket' could be 'single use, with the option of a return journey, 
for a set distance or place'.
a 'card' could be 'multiple use, no set time or distance, limited by the 
amount on the card'?
a 'pass' could be for a planned trip over a set route?

Humm maybe not..
There is, or at least was, a 'Eurorail pass' for foreigners to enjoy 
access to trips over a set period of time but open as to where they go.
Arr there is a similar BritRail Pass too...

Dictionary time
Pass .. 67 meanings ! No 48b (yep b) a prepaid or free ticket which 
allows one to travel on public transport without paying on each occasion 
of travel.
So a 'pass' could be 'allows one to travel on public transport without 
paying on each occasion of travel'
Is a card then the same as a pass? Perhaps there as different kinds of 
'pass' .. just as there are different kinds of 'ticket'.

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