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Sat Jan 14 20:29:51 UTC 2017

The word 'timber' is commonly used by loggers just before a tree is 
felled as a warning.  While some only use it for sawn wood, the word has 
more meanings that can be used.

To me 'timber' here is the cut down tree coming out of the forest, not 
specific. Wheat coming out of a farmers field is also non specific, the 
wheat could be used to make bread, a cake etc.

In my dictionary there are 10 meaning for 'timber'! A suitable meaning 
here could be "a cut down tree". A similar meaning can be used for 
'wheat' under the produce=wheat.

Humm perhaps a better description on the wiki? "produce=timber Harvested 
trees. Further processing can result in sawn wood, wood chips, paper." 
Though this misses on the 'lumber' thing, which could be a source of 

The difficulty I have

The stuff that comes out of the forest is, in this case, the dead tree. 
Eventually that gets processed into things like paper. I'd certainly not 
call paper produce, it is a product.
  In some places all the produce is turned in to wood chip for eventual 
processing into paper. The same wood chip can be sold as a garden mulch.
In other places the produce is separated selectively, tuning the best 
bits into the most valued products while the lest valued bits may get 
turned into fire wood.

How does a mapper know what the end product will be? By having 'timber' 
available the mapper can be non specific. As trees take some time to 
grow the eventual end product may change as time passes.
I prefer the non specific 'timber' tag personally.

If you really think the mapper should refine the produce into woodchip, 
paper, etc then possibly use a sub key timber=paper? Is this 

On 15-Jan-17 12:16 AM, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> Here's a clarification from an American:
> In U.S. English, timber is a term meaning "standing trees". It does 
> not indicate or specify any particular end use although such trees as 
> you would find in a "stand of timber" are probably destined for 
> lumber. Timber, once cut and sawn into boards or beams, is then called 
> lumber. Some grades of timber might be converted to chips or pulp for 
> paper but most probably lumber will be the end product.
> I have often heard the term "pulpwood" to describe the fast-growing 
> trees that are grown for paper making. Such stands of pulpwood would, 
> IMO, generally also be tagged with landuse=forest as well as 
> produce=pulp (or wood_pulp). For that matter, stands of timber are 
> often planted that same way, in rows spaced to maximize the output.
> produce=timber works fine for me
> Best,
> Dave
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>>     tag: produce=timber description: Trees harvested for *timber
>>     <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timber>*, called 'lumber' in north
>>     America. Further processing results in sawn wood, wood chips, paper.
>     wood chips and paper are excluded by timber though, not? I'm not
>     sure an exclusive produce=timber makes a lot of sense, typically
>     all parts of a tree are used. The best wood is used for furniture,
>     veneers, then construction wood, and finally what remains becomes
>     wood chips, paper, chipboard or pellets...
>     cheers,
>     Martin
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