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Mon Jan 16 20:55:07 UTC 2017

On 16-Jan-17 11:56 PM, Janko Mihelić wrote:
> There was a similar topic about memorials and artworks a while ago, 
> and I mentioned my idea of a tag like sculpture_shape. It would have 
> values like bust, person_standing, person_sitting, person_on_horse, 
> abstract and so on. Then there's already a well established tag 
> subject:wikidata=Qxxx. With those two tags we have the way it looks 
> (if it's a sculpture), and who/what it's dedicated to.
> If a memorial is about a specific battle, data consumers would still 
> like to know that it is a war_memorial. So subject:wikidata=* (or 
> subject=*) should point to the specific battle, but some other tag 
> should explain the broader subject. Maybe topic=* or theme=* with 
> values like battle, mass_killing, war_hero, notable_person_death, 
> notable_person_home, notable_event, archeological_finding ...
> memorial=stolperstein is fine by me because it describes the shape and 
> the topic in one tag.
> Also memorial:type=plaque, plate, stele, obelisk seem ok to me.
> Janko
> pon, 16. sij 2017. u 10:06 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com 
> <mailto:dieterdreist at gmail.com>> napisao je:
>     What is the "type" or "kind" of a memorial?
>     There are currently different ideas crammed together in the
>     subkeys, some referring to the physical appearance, others
>     referring to the topic or scope/reason.
>     E.g. the suggested/documented tags:
>     memorial:type/memorial=plaque
>     memorial:type/memorial=plate
>     memorial:type/memorial=statue
>     memorial=bust
>     memorial:type/memorial=stele
>     memorial=stone
>     memorial:type/memorial=obelisk
>     all refer to the physical aspect of the memorial.
>     The suggested tag:
>     memorial=war_memorial refers to the topic of the memorial
>     the suggested tags
>     memorial:type/memorial=stolperstein
>     memorial=blue_plaque
>     because they are very specific, refer to both, the physical aspect
>     and the topic/scope.
>     IMHO we should have distinct tags for these properties, because
>     they occur indepently/are different properties.
>     Cheers,
>     Martin

I too would rather see separate tags for the 'use', the construction, 
the  appearance.

Not being local to any stolperstein that has no meaning to me, I have to 
look it up.

A war memorial could be a plaque, an obelisk, a statue, a plate.
A plaque could be for a war, a person, a group of people, a machine, or 
an event. Without using another source the information in OSM for this 
tag is not very descriptive.
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