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> On Jun 30, 2017, at 7:13 AM, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> We do have tourism information centres, where they hold stocks of brochures etc telling tourists what attractions there are in the area,

Our local tourism office operates out of the train station,
http://www.jalan.net/kankou/spt_10203ga3552079801/kuchikomi/ <http://www.jalan.net/kankou/spt_10203ga3552079801/kuchikomi/> 

 it sells a lot of food and souvenirs of local goods, and has brochures, sells local goods, offers hiking maps from the station, and offers cycle rentals to tourism visitors. 

if I were to tag it (I should go do that), it would be as shop=gifts and tourism=information. I don’t know how I would put cycle rental in there. 

http://www.kiryu-walker.net/bicycle.html <http://www.kiryu-walker.net/bicycle.html> 

wouldn’t the "cycle rental shop" then be operator=[tourist shop], or would we treat it as an amenity offered, like a gym or sauna at a hotel? if it is amenity, how do you add all the other amenities at a big place with a single name and single landuse? 

This particular question (how to add cycle rental to a tourist information office) is a symptom of a larger tagging issue in OSM - you can’t add multiple amenities/services that are not mappable features to most mappable places. we can map the services as stand-alonse shops, and we can add unmappable information about the thing (like times, addresses, access, etc), but we can’t link a service or (unmampable location inside a single building) as an “amenity” offered by the larger mappable location easily. If there is such a way, It is not obvious. 

as an example: 
Most large hot spring resorts (onsens) have cafes or shops or massage parlors or a gym or a restaurant inside - how do you say “this resort has a cafe inside” and "this one has a massage service” - putting shop +operator tags all over a building seems weird and we can’t list out multiple amenities either. people have to assume services offered, which is really problematic - as smaller onsens out in the countryside have little-to-no additional services. I don’t want the cafe to come up when I search for cafes, and I want to see that the the cafe is available when I look for information about the onsen. 

there should be an easy way to say  “this shop=* is an amenity offered by a facility, and not a stand-alone shop” without resorting to amenity tags. 

perhaps shop:amenity=* on a pin &  the operator=the name of the enclosing business, or a relation (which I don’t know how they work at all). this would let the pin hold all the information about the service (operating times, phone numbers, access) and link it back to the operating business AND take it out of the shop=* space, so it doesn’t show up when searching. 

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