[Tagging] Power Tower Landuse = ?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 01:01:26 UTC 2017

The OSM convention is to use British English.
As an example the word 'colour' is used not 'color'.
I would prefer the continued use of British English.

Many words have more than one meaning. Webster's Dictionary (American) 
has 4 definitions of Pylon. The 2nd definition fits the meaning of tower 
used in this thread;
/a/ /chiefly British/ :  a tower for supporting either end of usually a 
number of wires over a long span/b/ : any of various towerlike structures

While it says 'chiefly British' For 'a:' it does go on to say "/b/ :  
any of various towerlike structures". So it is a known definition, even 
in the United States.

On 06-Jul-17 08:17 AM, Jherome Miguel wrote:
> "Pylon" would be one common reference to transmission towers in the UK 
> or elsewhere in Europe, but that is not the case of the United States 
> and other parts of the world, where "pylon" means something different, 
> that "tower" is used instead. So, why not call transmission/power 
> towers with "tower", for others to understand.

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