[Tagging] Combined use of addr:place and addr:street

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 12:32:44 UTC 2017

2017-07-14 10:16 GMT+02:00 Tobias Wrede <list at tobias-wrede.de>:
> Have a look at this place "Siesel": http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/51.22209/7.90369. The hamlet is called Siesel and officially all the streets there do not have a name (you can check on the "NRW-Atlas: ALKIS" layer  that all streets are just designated "Weg" i. e. "Street"). From an official address point of view all houses there should have addr:place=Siesel and addr:housenumber=nn.

is "nn" meant to be literally the string "nn"? (btw: NN in German usage is a placeholder referring to people). In Italy, quite frequently in the countryside, there is the abbreviation "snc" to say "no housenumber", but I wouldn't add this in addr:housenumber as it's not a housenumber (you can find it in official lists in the housenumber field though).

> On the ground, tough, they have put up the usual German street name signs all showing "Siesel". So from an on the ground point of view all houses there should have addr:street=Siesel and addr:housenumber=nn. What to do now?

IMHO the street name signs could result in highway names in OSM (highway=*, name=Siesel) as one alternative, or not (if you interpret them as the place name and not as a street name, because as a German native, I'd not expect "Siesel" to represent a streetname but rather a placename). In both cases, I wouldn't add addr:street tags with the "Siesel" as value, because it isn't the street name address.

 it's by definition we refuse to have both tags, as addr:place is defined for places without streetnames

> I agree this is borderline but I don't see why we should categorically refuse to have both tags.
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