[Tagging] Meaning of cycleway=no

Wiktor Niesiobedzki osm at vink.pl
Wed Jul 19 07:40:04 UTC 2017

2017-07-18 23:32 GMT+02:00 marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com>:
> Le 18. 07. 17 à 22:55, Wiktor Niesiobedzki a écrit :
>> Can anybody point me to explanation of this tag value?
> I would use this tag only whre there is a traffic_sign that forbit
> cycling where it shoul be allowed without this sign

Why not "bicycle=no" in such situation?

>> Should it's use be discouraged by validators / presets?
>> (at least combinations as highway=cycleway + cycleway=no)
> It seems to be an error.
> maybe ask the contributor for the meaning of those tags

Haven't found recent contribution with cycleway=no. Most of those that
I investigated where ~3-5 years old.



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