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> On 27. Jul 2017, at 07:14, Vozniuk Taras <taras.vozniuk at geothings.tw> wrote:
> 1. Whether the building is permanent or not.
> Users select from the following preset {permanent, semi-permanent, non-permanent} . Cannot really find an appropriate tag for this.

what are your definitions for semipermanent and non-permanent?

> 2. If building contains a basement.
> Should we use basement={yes, no}, or building:basement={yes, no}

the established tags are quantifying the number of levels:

building_levels={overground levels}

> 3. Shape of the building.
> We need to tag the shape of building polygon. Possible selection from {t-shaped, l-shaped, multi-projected, box, rectangular}. 
> I have’t found any information regarding tagging building shape, I guess it is not a common practice, right? We need to know the shape of the building that affects the resistance of the structure to natural disasters like earthquake or flood.
> Any recommendations for the appropriate tag and selection here?

we map the shape (maximum of all horizontal sections of all levels) in geometry (way), and if needed also the shape of parts (building:part=*). There's also a tag roof:shape

> 4. Slope of the site where building is located.
> Selection from {flat, moderate, steep}. Can we use incline tag for this?

we don't map it. Where would you attach this tag to?

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