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> On 27. Jul 2017, at 08:52, Vozniuk Taras <taras.vozniuk at geothings.tw> wrote:
> 1. Whether the building is permanent or not.
>> what are your definitions for semipermanent and non-permanent?
> So non-permanent is a building structure constructed for a defined short period of time. Like Circus tent for example. It stays there for a defined 1 month. 
> I can also imagine temporary warehouses / tents during the harvest period at countryside-marketplaces or movable markets, though I cannot really give a good real-life example.
> Something like this: https://goo.gl/images/nMf3gQ

these are usually not mapped if the period they exist at a certain place is very short, although there have been exceptions like the burning man festival or xmas markets.

> Semi-permanent are constructions that are technically non-permanent but stay there for an indefinite amount of time. Something like we have a trailer house that just stays there and it’s not intended to be moved anytime in future.

I believe there isn't a specific property defined for this, but you can infer it mostly from the building value (if tagging is specific here).(e.g. trailer house)

> 2. Whether the building is permanent or not.
> So do you think it a good idea to map existence of basement of the building by building_levels:underground = yes

first I have to excuse, there was a typo in my tags, it should have been a colon. Looking at the common values: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/building:levels:underground#values
I'd say "yes" is not a common value for building:levels:underground, although there are 7 occurrences.
Generally, the wiki together with taginfo are good places to verify suitability and common practice of tags.

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