[Tagging] Produce tags for orchards

Tobias Zwick osm at westnordost.de
Sun Jul 30 09:31:30 UTC 2017

>> - Farmland grows plants that are harvested as a whole (i.e. with
>>   tractors), thus the actual crop can change during the years and
>>   even several times within a year (see crop rotation) as after the
>>   harvest, nothing is left from the plant. On satellite imagery,
>>   they usually appear as an acre, meadow (when fallow) or densely
>>   planted high grass/cereals.
> That is not really the current use of these tags.  Tea plantations are
> for example quite universally tagged landuse=farmland and not
> landuse=orchard.  Same for strawberries i think.

Hmm, how did you get this information? In taginfo, trees=tea_plants and
crop=tea there seem to be too few usages to show the combinations:


> The wiki currently suggests tagging trees=* and optionally produce=*.  I 
> think that is a good idea.  Given the current use of tags i would 
> suggest not to recommend not to tag trees=* without community consensus 
> to abolish this tag.

Well, as said, I am not suggesting to make trees deprecated, just
arguing that the app should not add one and the same information twice
but use just one (universal) tag. This tag seems to be "produce", people
can always add more tags (i.e. "trees=*") later, even automatically,
since that tag can be inferred from the other.
But it cannot be inferred the other way round, since it has been
mentioned that the tree-tag is not made for non-trees like
"trees=banana_plants", "trees=strawberries" or "trees=oil_palms".
(Even though it is currently used and documented that way, which makes
its usage even more problematic because the documentation itself
promotes misusage of the tag - perhaps in lack of a good alternative?).


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