[Tagging] Traffic training area ("Verkehrsübungsplatz" in German)

Michal Fabík michal.fabik at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 11:19:36 UTC 2017

On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 12:33 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer
<dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> amenity=children_driver_training_area

They're called "traffic playground" in my language, if it's any help
(https://www.google.cz/search?q=%22traffic+playground%22). I think
that "children driver training area" doesn't reflect the way they're
actually used by children. At best, children ride around them on
bikes, scooters and trikes to familiarize themselves with traffic
signs and other traffic control elements that they can run into on
actual streets. Children definitely don't use these for actual
training to become drivers.

Michal Fabík

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