[Tagging] fire hydrants

viking81 viking81 at tin.it
Tue Jun 20 20:08:24 UTC 2017

>fire_hydrant: namespace is too >restrictive regarding>fire_hydrant:water_source>Can't we just use water_source>instead? Many other devices using>water can take benefit from this.

>What is the difference between in_service=no and disused=yes ?
+1 I would use disused:emergency=fire_hydrant

>:type subkeys aren't so great, and fire_hydrant:coupling:type>can only be fire_hydrant:coupling (or fire_hydrant:coupling_type>to get more verbosity as said above)
>The same for fire_hydrant:type, can't we use fire_hydrant only>to give the delivery mechanism ?
>The water supply part goes into water_source=*.
I don't know about this point.

>fire_hydrant:position also exists and it's definitely not a concept
>specific to fire hydrants.
>position=* or at least location=* can be used.
+1 I would use location=*
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