[Tagging] Tag for mining "prospect"

Zecke zecke at historic.place
Sun Mar 12 08:04:08 UTC 2017

Am 12.03.2017 00:24, schrieb Tod Fitch:
> Fresh from correcting tagging on some adits, I realize that I have probably miss-tagged some other features as mine shafts. In the semi-arid area with a history of mining that I am trying to add details to, there are man made features the old USGS topo maps called a “prospect”. These are places where someone has done some exploratory digging in search of ore but abandoned the site after only going down a couple of meters or less. So they aren’t really mine shafts, though if the vein paid out they might have developed into one.
A mining hole in the bottom is worth mapping as soon as you could fall 
in. If it never came into service, use mineshaft_type=exploration. There 
are many shafts, even hundreds of meters deep that never found ore. 
There are also shafts that were in service as airshafts only a few 
meters deep. The same holds true for adits. adit_type is not documented 
but used quite a few times. Then there is depth=xxx so you could specify 
whether its hundreds of meters or just quite a few meters deep. A drift 
mining adit 5 meters deep could be still used as a rain shelter.


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