[Tagging] Landuse for vacant lots

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Thanks for the input everone.  I like the idea of grass/scrub/grassland depending on the site if there is no trace of the demolished buildings.  If there is still something like a foundation, or slabs of broken concrete or other debris, then it would be tagged as a brownfield.

There seems to be consensus that brownfield sites are not necessarily slated for redevelopment so the wiki pages should be changed to reflect this.  What is less clear is whether the term brownfield is limited to sites contaminated from past industrial activity, or whether broken slabs of concrete from a house would qualify.  In my opinion, they would.

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On 13.03.2017 16:57, Andy Townsend wrote:
> I'm a native English British English speaker, and to me brownfield does
> not mean just "scheduled for development".  It just means "was used for
> some development but is no longer".  It _may_ then be used for something
> else in the future (you often hear "redevelopment of brownfield sites),
> but that's not a requirement.
> It'd be perfectly meaningful to say "in XYZ place there are lots of
> brownfield sites not scheduled for any development".

Fine, so maybe we losen the Wiki definition a bit, saying that the land
_might_ be scheduled for future development. That leaves the focus on
the fact that the land had been used before.

On 13.03.2017 15:55, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
 > "landuse" says that a specific piece of land is being used for something.
 > Then "disused" says that it's being used for nothing.

Yes that is a form of troll tagging, negating the key. Thus I'd prefer
brownfield as above.

I agree that landcover=* can describe what has grown there.


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