[Tagging] no_u_turn restrictions for every entry/exit into a roundabout when the way is split because of physical separation?

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Wed Apr 4 23:36:32 UTC 2018

I've noticed that someone from the Microsoft Open Map team is very busy
adding turn restrictions all over the place (
https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/shawat94/ ).


In my local neighbourhood, I noticed that he added no_u_turn restrictions to
all the nodes where a road into in/out of a roundabout is splitting (because
of physical separation). Which basically amounts to 4 no_u_turn restrictions
for every single roundabout.


e.g. here:




There is no actual no_u_turn sign in any of these locations, it's just
(mostly) physically a bad idea to attempt a u-turn here.


Just a few weeks ago I discussed exactly this in #osm and the conclusion was
that it was neither necessary nor desirable to do this.


I made a comment about that to the first of the two changesets linked above,
but haven't gotten a reply.


So, what is the general opinion about this here? Should these turn
restrictions be created or not?




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