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On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 5:14 PM, marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com>

> > pumping_station=sewage
> is pumping_station only a duplicate key for substance ?
> it look like useless

I suspect pumping_station=sewage was the original way of tagging it but then
the pipeline people decided substance=sewage was better.  Taginfo has 883
uses  of pumping_station and only 165 pumping_station=sewage.  Taginfo has
1097 uses of substance=sewage, but a lot of those could be pipelines and
manholes, to which it also applies.  It can probably be deleted but I'll
until I'm happy about all the other changes before I do it,to give somebody
who lived through those changes a chance to say why it should remain.

> > 1) Tag actual buildings housing pump machinery as building=service
> > as well as man_made=pumping_station etc.  This approach can be
> > found here http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/439149633
> if the pump is inside the building, it's of course a good idea to map
> the building.

Indeed.  But only required if the building is all there is to the pumping
station, to give an object to apply man_made=pumping_station to.  If
it's just one building amongst a collection of stuff, it's nice to add it
building=service but could be omitted if the aerial imagery isn't clear.

> PS : the name look like fake.

It could be real.  Not a problem if it's not.

> > 2) Tag an area, which may be a single building, or a fence around one
> > or more buildings (and possibly other stuff) as landuse=industrial.  This
> > approach can be found here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/488574374
> a pump for a residential area in a street cabinet or in a small building
> is imho not an industrial landuse.

Yeah, I'm not happy tagging a cabinet that way.  Single building I'm not so
sure of.  If it's not industrial landuse in an urban environment is it
in a rural one?

Which is why building=service is probably better in that case.  Anybody
know what the appropriate tag is for a cabinet (Australians, please don't
say "kiosk").

> 7) Other.
> I'm not sure that we need to document "map the building if it as a
> building" but why not.

Because it's not obvious.  It's natural to assume that a wiki page which
tells you how to tag something tells you everything you need to know.
Otherwise people end up making up their own solutions, or keep asking
in the forum, or get frustrated because it doesn't work, or they end up
researching it as best they can then proposing a documentation change
on this mailing list.

> I think we should advise each method when it is the most appropriate:-)
> a cabinet or a building without a landuse if it's only a cabinet or
> building
> an area with a landuse if it's an area = more than only a building (2 or
> more building and/or space around the building also "used" for the station)

I'd say what makes it landuse is more than one object and there's a fence
around those objects.  In borderline cases even a single building with a
fence can probably be mapped as landuse because there may be
underground objects within the fence that the mapper is unaware of.

I wonder when we're going to decide what to call large street cabinets. :)

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