[Tagging] Slash, space, or spaced hyphen in multi-lingual names

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 04:13:21 UTC 2018

> I find it hard to understand why some mappers do not want to map reality.  Unless it's because they wish the street
> signs were really monolingual.  There are people where I live who object to any use of English, should I cater to
> their whims by amending all names around here to remove the English text or should I map what is there?

I find it hard to understand why non-Belgians try to change a rule
that is accepted by the Belgian community. The name field contains the
name of the object as known by the local people. Not what an
Englishmen or anyone else knows the place as. There is no 1 name,
there are multiple names that have to be placed in 1 field. We could
have chosen a semi-colon, as dash, or a any other separator. We chose
" - ". The decision was taken before I joined the project in 2011.
Perhaps the decision was influenced by what the rendered map looks
like. Avenue Simon Bolivar - Simon Bolivarlaan make more sense on a
map, looks nicer than "Avenue Simon Bolivar;Simon Bolivarlaan" or
whatever. I doubt there are maps that show the contracted name.

The name for Belgium "Belgique - Belgiƫ - Belgien" will not be found
on the signs you see when you enter the country. The sign depends on
the language spoken in the area at the border. So when you arrive in
Belgium on the Flemish side you will see "Belgiƫ". Will you change the
name when you survey the area there ?

Traditional maps show the 3  names, I don't know which separator they
use, but it's unlikely they used ";".


p.s. from a discussion on Welsh street names on the UK mailing list, I
doubt it is accepted that you write both the Welsh name and the
English name in the name field.

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