[Tagging] Slash, space, or spaced hyphen in multi-lingual names

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 06:46:01 UTC 2018

I am not trying to change any accepted local rule.

Mvg Peter Elderson

Op 11 aug. 2018 om 06:13 heeft Marc Gemis <marc.gemis at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:

>> I find it hard to understand why some mappers do not want to map reality.  Unless it's because they wish the street
>> signs were really monolingual.  There are people where I live who object to any use of English, should I cater to
>> their whims by amending all names around here to remove the English text or should I map what is there?
> I find it hard to understand why non-Belgians try to change a rule
> that is accepted by the Belgian community. The name field contains the
> name of the object as known by the local people. Not what an
> Englishmen or anyone else knows the place as. There is no 1 name,
> there are multiple names that have to be placed in 1 field. We could
> have chosen a semi-colon, as dash, or a any other separator. We chose
> " - ". The decision was taken before I joined the project in 2011.
> Perhaps the decision was influenced by what the rendered map looks
> like. Avenue Simon Bolivar - Simon Bolivarlaan make more sense on a
> map, looks nicer than "Avenue Simon Bolivar;Simon Bolivarlaan" or
> whatever. I doubt there are maps that show the contracted name.
> The name for Belgium "Belgique - Belgiƫ - Belgien" will not be found
> on the signs you see when you enter the country. The sign depends on
> the language spoken in the area at the border. So when you arrive in
> Belgium on the Flemish side you will see "Belgiƫ". Will you change the
> name when you survey the area there ?
> Traditional maps show the 3  names, I don't know which separator they
> use, but it's unlikely they used ";".
> m.
> p.s. from a discussion on Welsh street names on the UK mailing list, I
> doubt it is accepted that you write both the Welsh name and the
> English name in the name field.
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