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> On the other hand, an overlay with data about various risk factors -- crime, weather, accidents, air quality, cancer clusters, whatever -- would be a fine feature for a 3rd party map app to offer. But these things don't belong in the OSM database.

actually crime statistics also tend to be biased. You don’t get the numbers of the crimes committed but of those reported to and registered at the police. 
If the police investigates more crime of a certain type, the numbers in the statistics raise for example, if they frisk more people of a certain color of skin there seem to be more criminals of that color of skin.

> As far as "bad areas" and "class and racial bias" go, I'll admit that I contemplated the idea of tagging the walking paths within some city public housing projects as access=destination, because it reflects the reality on the ground --

access tags are about the legal access, not whether it makes sense to go there, or whether you might feel uncomfortable going there.

> generally, people don't walk *through* the projects to get to a destination on the other side.

I’m usually doing this, as long as it isn’t explicitly forbidden. In particular public housing projects tend to allow walking through, while private residences tend to lock themselves in.

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