[Tagging] access:disabled... yes or designated?

seirra general at sarifria.x10.bz
Thu Aug 16 22:19:26 UTC 2018

"assigned with a specific role" is probably the best interpretation for 
example "this is a designated disabled parking area" would mean the 
specific role is parking for disabled people. the preferred model does 
seem to be tagging access=no then the exceptions from what i can tell. 
there probably should be more templates really to aid in this, but then 
again if you don't define the access tag and the only thing there is 
access:disabled=designated.... i guess it's the same idea. also i saw 
some cases of access:disabled=customers? wouldn't access=customers 
paired with access:disabled=designated be a good pairing? it's just then 
a question of how we also specify the no tag in the neatest way possible 
or if we omit it in that scenario

On 08/16/18 23:06, Jo wrote:
> you mean it must be tagged:
> access=no
> +exceptions
> ?
> designated is an odd word. I started to understand it as signposted as 
> such, or clear from road markings.
> but it's not the meaning it has in designated driver, where it means 
> "assigned with a specific role/responsability"
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>     >> On 16. Aug 2018, at 23:35, seirra <general at sarifria.x10.bz
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>     >>
>     >> should cases where yes was used be corrected to designated? or
>     should it be considered a stylistic choice?
>     >
>     > generally, it doesn’t work very well, because you want to
>     express who can park there not who can access the lot. It should
>     be “only” or “designated” because yes does not exclude others,
>     while only does and designated tends to do.
>     >
>     For OSM .. to exclude others it should it not be tagged
>     access=no
>     then
>     disabled=yes/designated to accept disabled?
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