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> i can confirm this to be the case. where i work the cashback procedure is
> indeed just a signature of the receipt. As far as i know ATMs that issue £5
> notes tend to for a long time, i don't recall any here suddenly stopping.

ATMs have a finite capacity.  Which means that ATMs which serve two or more
denominations may run out of one
denomination before the others.  So £5 notes can stop suddenly because they
run out.  However, a lot of the ATMs in this
part of the world switched from £5/£10 to £10/£20 because inflation meant
that average amount withdrawn had increased
to the point they needed to be refilled too frequently.  The £5/£10/£20
machines are rare and tend to be at banks, where
they can be refilled more quickly.

The problem with mapping denominations is not that a machine may run out of
one denomination, that's a temporary
thing.  The problem is that a £5/£10 machine may be upgraded or replaced to
dispense £10/£20.  Or a £10/£20 may
be changed to £20/£50.  How often that happens depends upon the rate of
inflation in that part of the world.  It's
definitely useful to know, but the information may go stale too quickly and
be verified/remapped too infrequently.  I'm
in two minds about the utility of mapping this.

however people still often request cashback due to the fact it saves the
> extra trip (and the closest ATM is difficult to troubleshoot if it goes down

There is one shop where I specifically request cashback even though it has
an ATM mounted in the wall outside.  My
bank has a loyalty scheme whereby the online banking system presents me
with discounts at certain shops (as a way
of encouraging people to use the online banking).  Every time this shop
appears I use it.  And then get 5% off my
payment for electricity top-up, phone top-up, mains water charges, gas bill
and cashback.  I wouldn't use that shop for
any other thing as it's a convenience store and more expensive than the
local supermarket.  But whenever I can get £50
cashback for £47.50 and cheaper gas, electricity and mains water, I leap at
the chance.  Names intentionally
withheld because if everyone catches on that store brand will withdraw from
the deal. :)

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