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On 31/08/18 05:20, François Lacombe wrote:
> Le jeu. 30 août 2018 à 19:12, Dolly Andriatsiferana 
> <privatemajory at gmail.com <mailto:privatemajory at gmail.com>> a écrit :
>     I like the idea of keeping a namespace gathering utilities such as
>     electricity, gas, internet or other. But the idea is also to be
>     able to use a namespace for the utility to provide more details
>     (source, voltage, fee...) or conditions (if there's schedule in
>     availability) - and with *utility:electricity* this would easily
>     generate a complex tagging of namespace under namespace, unless
>     you say it is no problem to have
>     *utility:electricity:voltage=** for example.
> I think this would be hard to maintain, and highly redundant since 
> voltage won't change for a given city or even country.

Most hoses in Australia have 240 v single phase supplied to them. Then 
they have 'standard' (here) GPOs of 10 Amp capacity. Some have one or 
more higher 15 Amp capacity outlets.
And then there are some houses that have 3 phase 415v supplied to them - 
and they have 'standard' (here) GPOs of 10 Amp capacity, possibly one or 
more 15 Amp capacity outlets and one or more 3 phase outlets.

So here you have in one neighbourhood 3 different instances of 
electricity presence in houses.

> Agreed with Paul statement about earthing system which is specific to 
> each building

Earthing systems are usually mandated and common to some bureaucratic 
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