[Tagging] antenna use key to replace some of the antenna type

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Sat Dec 1 00:57:21 UTC 2018

On 01/12/18 09:49, Warin wrote:
> On 29/11/18 22:21, Sergio Manzi wrote:
>> *At the end of the day... I think this proposal has same serious 
>> issues: the use of an antenna system can be decided only if you have 
>> internal knowledge of what it is actually used for, not just looking 
>> at the antenna.  Also, either we define a very broad range of usage 
>> cases or a very fine list of them (in the hundreds, I guess...). 
>> *I'll probably vote against...*
>> *
> Don't give up! *
> *Still thinking about this. Perhaps 'use' is the wrong term? Could 
> 'system' be better?  After all TV is a 'system'?
> It is all about the words and there meaning.

Better again .. application? antenna:application=* ?

Hams (radio amateurs) have such a wide variety of antennas and 
application I don't think any non expert is going to be able to classify 
them .. description=radio amateur is about the best i could do generically

> Mappers come to associate a particular antenna with TV so they map it 
> as a TV antenna, not realising that the antenna frequency and 
> polarization are specific to their area of the world. That is fine... 
> it may not be as precise as an 'expert' would map it as but it is a 
> start. Better than just mapping it as an antenna, has just a little 
> more detail. The use/system is what most mappers appear to be tagging.
> *
> *
>> **
>> On a broader account, do we really want OSM to become a "database of 
>> the world", with all its details/, /even fine technical details which 
>> IMHO are more fit to the blueprints of an infrastructure?
> Unfortunately mappers will map things as they see them. And some will 
> want to add more and more detail.
> Keeping that detail in some order is what I am on about here. At 
> present it is all going into antenna:type, system, polarization, 
> configuration ... everything ..
> I'd prefer some more organisation than simply lumping it all together 
> under one tag.

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