[Tagging] Follow-Up Proposal - voting ended - (Tramtrack on highway)

Nikulainen, Jukka K jukka.nikulainen at helsinki.fi
Mon Dec 3 09:13:30 UTC 2018

Follow-Up Proposal on the Tramtrack on highway proposal (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Tramtrack_on_highway)

First of all, thank you to all who voted and/or commented on the proposal!

The vote ended in 20 votes cast in total, with 12 approving and 8 opposing votes. This gives an approval rating of 60%, so it is my understanding that the proposal cannot be approved without emendations.

Indeed, many approving votes added reservations about the tag values in the comments. Furthermore also many opposing votes commented positively about the idea of the tag, but opposed the proposal because of the specific proposed tag value.

A better tally of the votes would thus be:
4/20 votes unambiguously opposing.
8/20 votes approving of the idea, but opposing or apprehensive about the specific proposed tag values.
8/20 votes unambiguously approving.

Which gives 16/20 votes approving of the idea (possibly with emendations) and 4/20 opposing. Consequently the idea itself enjoys an 80% approval rating.

Based on the comments and discussion on the tagging mailing list, the main argument against the original proposal was a clash with the railway-tag semantics. Many people (including: Rainero, Vorpalblade77-kaart, Gallseife, and originally also Mateusz Konieczny) have suggested a sui generis tag of embedded_rails=tram and embedded_rails=railway for the purpose.

My follow-up proposal would be: create the new embedded_rails tag with values embedded_rails=tram and embedded_rails=railway and link this tag-description page to (at least) the bicycle and railway tag-description pages.

It seems to me superfluous to have a new vote on the embedded_rails tag itself. The main problem with the original proposal was considered to be the clash with already existing tag-namespace. The new sui generis tag takes care of this. Voting again on the specific values of such a sui generis tag seems--to me--to be pointless, since the only point of contention would be whether the tag is descriptive enough or whether it can accept the needed values. It seems to me obvious that the embedded_rails=tram and embedded_rails=railway succeed in both regards.

I hope such an approach is considered kosher. I'll abstain from creating the new page for at least a week now. Please comment if you see dire problems with my follow-up proposal! If no substantial new problems come up in the discussion, I'll proceed as outlined above (and finally try to take decent pictures of tramlines both on a highway and on a separate track here in Helsinki).

Jukka Nikulainen (Tolstoi21)

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