[Tagging] Can OSM become a geospacial database?

Sergio Manzi smz at smz.it
Wed Dec 5 21:08:31 UTC 2018

P.S.: ... but if I want my /salumeria /to show up on the map, I *have to* "/lie for the rendering/" and tag it as a shop=deli: but'I'm not happy at all...

On 2018-12-05 22:02, Sergio Manzi wrote:
> Once again, reality is complex and multifaced: I don't think one should try to frame what is a local French reality, an "École primaire", into an US or UK based context: let the French decide...
> I have the same problem for some shop categories which are not part of the US/UK tradition: an Italian "salumeria" [1] is in no way similar to a US "deli" shop...
> [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salumeria
> On 2018-12-05 21:45, Eugene Podshivalov wrote:
>> It looks like I've directed you a bit off the initial topic to the definition of proper name.
>> Let us look at it from the other side. Assume we all agree that "École primaire des Quatre Fils" is the proper name.
>> Is there some common approach for denoting locally recognized categories which differ from commonly approved tags?
>> E.g. how to denote the " École primaire" category?
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