[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Mapping disputed boundaries (Version 1.4)

Johnparis okosm at johnfreed.com
Mon Dec 10 19:05:51 UTC 2018

 I have just posted another version 1.4 of my proposal on mapping disputed

It now includes maritime boundaries, thus minimizing changes from the
current map (see the possible renderings page for illustrations). It also
includes a changelog:

- *Version 1.4*

   - Using maritime boundaries instead of land boundaries
   - Eliminating redundant or unneeded relations:
      - De facto relation is eliminated; it is now the same as the existing
      administrative boundary
      - Minimal boundary is eliminated; it is now a Zone of Control with
      role "undisputed" in Master Claim
      - Master Claims and Zones of Control are eliminated when not needed,
      such as for countries with no disputes
      - Conflict Areas are explicitly made optional
   - Roles in Master Claim now differentiate how claimant and zone are
   related: undisputed, joint, de facto, claimed
   - Describing administered territories
   - Adding how to change the criteria for the List of Claiming Entities

Thanks to everyone who gave public and private feedback. I've archived some
of the comments that are no longer applicable.

The proposal is here:

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