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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Wed Dec 26 21:26:14 UTC 2018

I don't use these systems but would agree with Paul on this, there will be hundreds of things that can be paid at these terminals. 

Beyond what has so far been mentioned you can pay road tolls or buy tickets for my local bus and probably many other local bus companies. Although I can imagine some confusion if I was in London asking for a bus ticket between Wem and Shrewsbury even though the machine will be exactly the same as the one in my local shop.

Phil (trigpoint) 

On 26 December 2018 20:16:46 GMT, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
>On Wed, 26 Dec 2018 at 18:07, bkil <bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Please don't confuse top ups with refilling:
>> I think "top up" is standard terminology in the UK for increasing the
>> balance of prepaid mobile phone accounts.
>That, amongst other things.  Even when, strictly speaking, they're
>rather than top-ups.
>Because language mutates that way, and what started out as being purely
>topping things up
>ended up also handling bill payments.
>Since you mentioned the UK, then just to complicate matters...
>A large number of outlets offer the services of PayPoint.  With this
>I can top up my phone
>account with the UK's four main mobile network operators (and possibly
>of the virtual operators),
>pay some or part of my gas bill, top up my electricity meter key, pay
>or part of my water bill, pay
>some or part of my TV licence (those outside the UK may have no idea
>that is or why we have one)
>and pay many other different things.
>I'd like to be able to point you at a list of everything that can be
>paid/topped up using PayPoint.  I really
>would.  Because, if I saw the list I might spot some other thing it
>be preferable[1] for me to pay
>that way.  But PayPoint's website appears not to have such a list.  I
>be able to find such a list
>from the sitemap, but that is broken.  So all I can do is give you this
>link and you can play
>"guess the logo" for the 30+ logos of the claimed 300+ companies that
>be paid this way:
>There's a hell of a lot of things that can be paid/topped up that way. 
>suspect it might be better (at least
>in the UK) to tag it topup:payment_network=paypoint or some such rather
>than have 300+
>topup:phone:ee=yes + topup:electricy:sse=yes +
>topup:water:dwr_cymru=yes +
>topup:gas:eon=yes + topup:tv_licence=yes +...
>[1]Why would I ever find it preferable to pay anything (other than top
>my electricity meter key) this
>way?  My bank has a scheme to encourage people to use online banking,
>whereby certain businesses
>offer discounts (if you use online banking to select a particular
>currently on offer).  One of the
>shops near me with a PayPoint terminal is part of a franchise that
>me a 5% discount every 3 or
>4 months.  It's supposed to entice me to buy their big-brand-only,
>prices merchandise.  I use it purely for PayPoint purchases where the
>is exactly the same as I'd
>pay anywhere else.  I even get 5% off cashback under that discount

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