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On Wed, 26 Dec 2018 at 21:48, bkil <bkil.hu+Aq at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes, it would be more comfortable to tag the PayPoint service itself in a
> certain way instead of all the individual services.
> It is also better maintainable, as when a new provider registers with
> PayPoint, we don't need to amend all previously tagged places with a mass
> import.

As I already mentioned, I couldn't find an authoritative, definitive list.
They claim to route payments to
over 300 companies and showed over 30 logos (most of which I could
identify).  I think from a user
perspective, you already know if you can use PayPoint to complete whichever
transaction you have in
mind and so you just need to find a shop with a PayPoint terminal in
whatever location you happen to

In order to properly fill payment:*=*, I once started to gather the kind of
> POS terminals and payment processors in Hungary and the type of cards
> accepted at each place, but the list was not pretty. Basically each shop
> accepts a random subset of 5-10 card issuers depending on the payment
> processor/terminal provider.

Sounds about right unless your country has a large payment processor like
PayPoint.  They accept
all major credit/debit/bank cards (I have a vague memory they don't accept
American Express or
Diner's Club).  And, of course, you can pay by cash.

Noting all accepted cards precisely for every shop is exhaustive, so it is
> not being done around here (I myself simply use debit_cards=yes instead).

Again, in the UK, we have all our shit in one sock (mostly).  If a shop has
EPOS then it accepts all
major credit/debit/bank cards (American Express and Diner's Club are
exceptions).  Payment processors
in the UK generally accept all major cards.  And so do ATMs.  Our banks
talk to each other.  EPOS is
how the shop accepts payments for its own goods/services, PayPoint is how
it allows customers to
pay others.

It would also carry a high maintenance burden later on. However, if we
> simply mapped the payment processor/terminal provider instead of the
> individual card combinations accepted, it could be done much more
> effectively, but then we needed an external lookup table very similar to
> what you propose, that may be edited on a machine readable wiki page for
> example.

Depends on the country, I suppose.  In the UK you know if you have a card
that is usable in any
card reader or if it's only useful in a very limited number of outlets.

> Although I'm not from the UK, I think this is where the term "top up"
> originated from and what the of the world identifies it as:


That looks about right, although I expect the term originally derives by
analogy with topping up your
petrol tank.  It's pretty much the same situation with PAYG phones.  Well,
was, because what some
major operators here are now pushing as PAYG isn't.  But it used to be.
You put some "minutes" in your
phone's "tank" and could continue to use it until it went dry.  At any
point you could top it up, even if it
wasn't close to empty.

I think (my memory isn't that good and I wasn't paying much attention at
the time) that PayPoint started
out as a way of topping up mobiles but has now expanded into many other
sorts of payments.  But it's
still where you go for top-ups.  In much the same way, we still talk about
dialling somebody's phone
number even though very few of us have a phone with a rotary dial.

So if you see a potential for confusion with the future use of the term
> "top up", please help us come up with a better one that can still be
> understood and translated internationally.

PayPoint, at least, covers all types of payment.  Prepayment for phones,
electricity keys, TV licence.
Regular payments.  Bill payments.  Payment by arrangement if you can't pay
your full gas bill in one
go.  Etc.  In other countries it may well be different, although in the
future they may find similar
payment systems appear (because there's a demand for them).

I can't think of a good term to cover it, except how PayPoint describe what
they offer: payment
services.  I'm not particularly happy with that, but it describes what they
do better than "top ups."

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