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Am Do., 27. Dez. 2018 um 19:40 Uhr schrieb Daniele Santini <
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> Summarizing the problems of the top_up:<type>[:<brand>]=yes/no approach:
> - Some networks (like PayPoint) allow top-up more than one service (mobile
> phone, public transport, ...)
> - The scheme has a over-namespacing problem because both the second and
> the third subkeys could be values
> - The name "top_up" can be confused with drink refill and is unclear for
> people of countries where prepaid services are not widespread
> - Brand names are likely to use characters such as upper-case letters or
> non-ASCII characters that should be avoided in keys where possible
> So, basing on these problems, we could change the proposal to:
> - prepaid_top_up=<type> -> to specify the type of services whose top-ups
> are sold (like mobile_phone, public_transport, energy, credit_card, ...)
> - prepaid_top_up:brand=<brand> -> for brand whose top-ups are sold (like
> Vodafone); this would follow the same rules of brand=*
> - prepaid_top_up:network=<network> -> for payment networks that allow to
> top up other services (like PayPoint); this would follow the rules of
> network=*

"phone" is better than "prepaid" because prepaid doesn't tell you whether
this is about phone, public transport, parking, drinks, or whatever.

If a key is intended as a list, I would use the plural, e.g.
The term "network" as intended for payment networks is not clear in this
context. At least it should be payment-network if it cannot be expressed
differently. For payment systems and methods there are already established

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