[Tagging] Cycling "service area"

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 18 17:53:07 UTC 2018


Le 18. 02. 18 à 16:16, John Willis a écrit :
>> On Feb 18, 2018, at 10:44 PM, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
>> what's the difference between a service area on a road that is tagged with highway=services and one that is tagged amenity=fuel
> highway=services (SA) is a singularly named place with a collection of specific amenities with dedicated access along a motorway. Fuel is one of those amenities.

I find both the key and the value used problematic.
The value because it is so close to service that there is a great risk 
of not seeing the difference between the 2 for those who fill in the 
fields by hand.
for the key because an area providing services would be better described 
with a amenity or leisure key. if I understand well, highway=services is 
not a highway. although there are many historic values of highway=* that 
are not a highway, I will take advantage of this opportunity to avoid 
creating/tune new highway=* and organize it in a more coherent way.


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