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Maybe following the same scheme as for highways:


waterway=navigable_channel (for way along the middle of the channel)

area:waterway=navigable_channel (for area bound by buoys, with an intersecting node at both ends between the area and the middle line way)


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I think it’s slightly different.


For canoe routes, there is generally no infrastructure along the route.


While navigable channels are marked with buoys, which makes them closer to a “highway” on land than a route. So I think it’s something that belongs in the waterway namespace.


If navigable channel is the correct nautical term, then the obvious would be waterway=navigable_channel


The real question becomes: tagging as a way in the middle of the channel? Tagging as an area (by mapping the buoys as seamarks, then connecting them to form an area)? Both? Either?


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& as I've just mentioned on the Canoe Route thread, we're discussing two things that are pretty well the same!





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