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> Devils advocate hat firmly on.
> But what is intended? Not the height of the grass .. but the
> 'smoothness and regularity' of the playing surface?
> I use http://www.cooberpedygolfclub.com.au/ as an example again.
> That golf course has no grown grass. They use sand and oil for the
> greens. They use artificial grass on the tees.
> The difference is the finish on the surfaces .. not the size of
> gains of sand nor size of the rocks nor the height of the grass...
> I have just finished tagging that golf course .. fairways have
> surface=sand, colour=white; greens are surface=sand, colour=black.
> Humm I don't remember what I have tagged tees as? Should be
> colour=green, surface=artificial_grass and they should be square.
>   .
> I don't have the knowledge to tag the roughs, bunkers and some of
> the tees there so it is just a rough start.

All of which is pretty much totally irrelevant.

What you need is 
for the appropriate areas.

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