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A “waiting room” is something very different from an airport lounge.


In the context of an airport, a waiting room (or rather, waiting area) is something like this:




They are part of the normal infrastructure of the airport, operated and maintained by the airport and accessible to everyone.


An airport lounge on the other hand is something like this:




It’s very common for them to be operated by a specific airline or by a company that specifically operates one or more airport lounges instead of the airport. Entrance is generally limited, by a fee at the entrance, holding the right type of ticket from the right airline, membership card, … it varies.




This is a very specific term for a very specific service.


I’m very sure that at any airport in the world, if you are speaking English, and ask for the way to the “lounge” after finishing your check-in, the staff will politely explain to you how to get the lounge for their airline, bit if you ask for the way to the “waiting room”, they’ll either send you off to your gate or look at you in incomprehension.




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I don't necessarily want to get rid of the word lounge, but an amenity=airport_lounge leaves very little doubt about what it is.


Actually, it does leave doubt.

Airport lounge as in waiting room?  A place with seats and (maybe) a coffee machine but you don't have to

buy anything to sit there?

Or airport lounge as in a bar where you have to buy a drink to sit there?

Lounge, at least in my part of the world (the UK) doesn't mean what you want it to mean.  Nor does "airport lounge."

Waiting room, however, is EXACTLY what you want to describe.  Hospitals and doctors' surgeries have waiting rooms.
So do train stations and bus stations.

The second-worst thing about airport_lounge is that you'll then need train_station_lounge, bus_station_lounge,

hospital_lounge, etc., when they could all be waiting_room because that is what those things are called in British

English.  Tell somebody to sit in the hospital lounge and they'll wonder what you mean; tell them to sit in the

waiting room and they'll know exactly what you mean.

Perhaps, in your language, lounge is the correct word,  In which case translations for editor presets would

use "waiting room" in my language and "lounge" in yours.  The wiki would use "waiting room" on the English page
and "lounge" for the same page in your language.  The underlying tag in the database, however, would use

I am firmly, solidly and unswervingly opposed to "lounge" for this proposal.



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