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On 10/06/2018 23:42, François Lacombe wrote:
> 2018-06-11 0:14 GMT+02:00 Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:graemefitz1 at gmail.com>>:
>     Thanks for that, but I'm afraid that the continual OSM worldwide
>     translation problem is raising it's ugly head yet again.
>     In Australia at least, "telephone exchange" refers to the building
>     itself, which houses the Main Frame (where all the cables are
>     terminated) & the various types of switching equipment. In 20
>     years of working for our Telecom, I never heard the phrase
>     "Central Office" - the closest thing that would refer to is an
>     Admin Office of some sort.
> I understand this well, and we have to choose a single value to do the 
> job worldwide.
> As OSM main language is British English, I would use central office.

Are you sure that's a British English term?  It's not one I've heard in 
regular use* in 25 years of working on and off with telecoms companies 
in the UK or a few other places around the world.  It may be that the 
people that I was dealing with were dumbing things down for the 
"programmer who doesn't understand all this complicated electronics 
stuff", but I doubt it.

Best Regards,


* A quick scan through some old notes here (isn't text search 
wonderful?) finds just 3 references to this sense of "Central Office", 
including a paper from an American university from 1995, and a Gartner 
report from 2002.

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