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> Just because something “can be found just about anywhere” isn’t really 
> a valid argument for not mapping it.
Roads can be found just about anywhere. We map those.

> If someone is doing detailed indoor mapping of building and wants to 
> map emergency features, the location of fire alarms is certainly 
> something I would consider to be worthwhile mapping.
> Also, when someone is looking for a fire alarm, I don’t think it 
> really matters if it’s fire alarm box nailed to a pole on the street 
> or one of these small ones you find inside buildings. Either one will 
> get the fire fighters informed and into roughly the right location.
Those concerned can go ahead amp map the things that concern them.

Does not mean they will be rendered on most maps.

Like fire hydrants and fire extinguishers .. they can be mapped.

For me a 'fire alarm box' is where you go to find out where the fire 
alarm originated from, or to isolate some section  or to perform 

The fire alarm manual trigger points are some thing else... don't know 
what to call e=them off the top of may head, but not a 'box'.

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> The first thing fire alarm box brought to my mind was the common 
> "Break glass" fire alarms 
> http://www.az100years.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/photodune-781034-fire-alarm-s.jpg, 
> which are found just about everywhere, so would be virtually unmappable?
> Is there risk of confusion between the two?
> Thanks
> Graeme
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