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The street is residential, but the exit is over a sidewalk, with a dropped curb. That's the piece I'm talking about: not the street, just the exit.


Rules (legally) implied are that traffic can pass over this sidewalk, but has to give way to all sides and all others including pedestrians. Speed is limited to 15 Kmph (living_street rules).



Only for that part where it crosses the sidewalk, or for the whole street behind it?


As I’m normally mapping the kerb lines (way along the position of the kerb, with barrier=kerb and kerb=raised/lowered/rolled/flush) I would in this place have the highway crossing that kerb line, and would create an intersecting node (again tagged as barrier=kerb, kerb=lowered) (the same as when I’m mapping individual driveways, see: https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=21/-27.21152/153.02620 ). But not everyone wants to map to this level of detail.


Maybe just a single barrier=kerb, kerb=lowered node on the highway to indicate that it has to cross the kerb?

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