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On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 4:40 AM, André Pirard <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com>

> On 2018-06-27 16:28, Paul Allen wrote:
> [Suggestion to use amenity=charging_station + charging:bicycle=yes +

> I remember having been told off by someone who doesn't like namespaces:
> "we are not doing like that" ;-)

People on this list have strong opinions.  Often those opinions are in
opposition.  But whoever told you not
to use namespaces is ignoring the fact that OSM already does use
namespaces.  If most people say yes
and one person says no but presents no valid argument for his objection,
ignore that one person.

But you are, like me, perfectly right using it because we could have
charging:bicycle:amperage=* different from charging:car:amperage=*

Do we need it?  The connectors have a maximum amperage, which may fall off
as the battery
becomes nearly full, or because battery temperature monitoring throttles
the current.  If there are
different physical sockets for cars and bicycles then you specify their
maximum current with
socket:typeX=7 or whatever.  If it's the same socket for both then you just
specify the maximum
current and it's down to whatever you plug in to draw as much or as little
as it needs.

You'd only need the charging:bicycle:amperage if it's a common socket but
with the smarts to
detect what kind of thing is plugged into it and limit the maximum current

All that said, if cars and bikes have different sockets then tagging the
socket type is enough
to determine if bikes can charge there.  If it's a common socket then the
maximum current is
enough to figure out if you can charge only a bike, or a bike and a car, or
a bike, a car and a
truck there.  Of course, there may be other constraints: the charging point
may have a connector
capable of being used by bikes, cars and trucks but trucks won't fit in the
parking space and the
operator doesn't like bikes taking up a socket but only permits cars.
Which puts it into the
realm of access restrictions.

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