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> > When the "lanes" tag was introduced the community choose to only count
> the "full width segments for motorised traffic".
> what is the definition for “full width”? Is a road with 1,8 width lanes=0?
> width=2.4? Given that maximum vehicle width is 2,50 it would seem sane to
> assume full width to be at least 3,00 m.

The MUTCD allows motor vehicle lanes to be as narrow as 9'0" for low speed
applications like alleyways and residential streets. Meanwhile, new
on-street bike lanes in Tulsa and Portland that I've seen built in the last
couple years are a minimum of 7'0" plus at least a 2'0" buffer, but because
streets in the 30-40 mph range have to have 11'0" or wider lanes, often
it's a 7'0" bike lane with buffers to encourage riding down the middle of
that space, further from the door zone or faster traffic.

Width is a pretty lousy criteria for excluding lanes, especially when lane
width tagging is a thing.

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