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> Still thinking...
> If in British English round trip just means you start at A, go to B, do
> all kinds of things in between or not, then later return at A, no matter if
> it's via the same route or a different route, as long as it's in one go:
> then a waymarked "circular" foot or bicycle route actually fits the
> definition.

Not really.  On a circular A->B->C->D->E->F->A->B->C... I can get on at any
point and go to any other.  Ticketing
restrictions may mean I cannot go around past the same point twice.
Ticketing restrictions may mean if there's
a reverse of the route then I can't go A->B->C->D->E->F but must take the
reverse route F->A.

On sight-seeing tours which are round trips, it may not be permissible to
get on or off at any point other than A,
in fact the bus may not even stop at any POI. On more general tourist round
trips, it may be possible to get off some
POIs but you must return (otherwise they hang around thinking you've gotten
lost) and it may not be permissible to
board at any point other than A.  The round trip may be linear rather than
circular (they usually are circular so that
you get to see more POIs, but in the case of an "excursion" the intent is
to get from A to B, spend time at B, then
return.  Different from an ordinary route because they get upset if you
don't return to the bus at the allotted time

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