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Sat May 26 18:47:49 UTC 2018

On Sat, May 26, 2018 at 6:40 PM, Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, for PT I have no opinion whether tagging roundtrip is applicable.
> But how would you tag the London hop-on tours... Again, no opinion.

After having a quick look at some of them, then roundtrip is not
applicable.  I'm not sure without deeper inspection,
but they appear to be circulars.  Pretty much like an ordinary circular
except they're run by private companies
rather than TfL (or whatever it's called today) and using open-top

I wonder how they've been mapped (if at all). :)

> For hiking & cycling it is important for data users to know if you return
> at the start when you just follow the waymarks. It's a major
> selection/ordering attribute for providers of waymarked walking routes.
> Location, distance, ends where it started (i.e. where your car is...),
> surface.

I'd guess (not being a hiker or cycler) that round trips are going to be
the common.  If not you're going to have to find
some way of getting back to your car.  I believe some of the walks around
here aren't round trips but in those cases
they end at some point on a bus route that takes you back to the start.  Of
course with those you do have the option
of walking back (I don't think any of them are one-way, and I believe that
it is possible to walk them without being
part of an organized group).

> Most users have a leaflet with a touristic impression of a map and the
> route, and location of parking lot and snackb^H^H^H^H^H^Hrestaurant. Often,
> you are not allowed to stray from the route.

I believe (without ever having looked too closely) that for most of the
walks around here you're left to your own
devices.  That was the impression I got from a map of the walks I
encountered unexpectedly whilst surveying:
it just shows the walks and gives a few details.  No explicit mention that
you're not allowed to leave the route,
people are expected to understand that could lead to them walking into
unsafe areas or being prosecuted for

Start at the entrance, follow the Red Hobbit, tell us that it was heaven on
> earth. Thanks for visiting Nature Park "De Hoge Veluwe".  The white zone is
> for loading and unloading only... sorry. Frank Zappa kicked in.

Don't apologize for Zappa.  We could do with him now.  He'd probably die
from overwork because he'd have to
record a new track every day just to keep up.

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