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I enjoy linear walks from a to b as you can cover more ground, or at least more diverse ground, 2.pi.r and all that.

Generally they involve public transport for one of two parts but its still a round trip.

Bus from A to B, walk from B to C, train from C to A. If using trains you can even take your bike.


YOU are making a roundtrip, but the routes involved are not itself roundtrip routes. You are using multiple different linear routes (and most likely only parts of them in case of bus or train as it’s unlikely you ride them all from first to last stop in the relation).


A route relation marked as roundtrip means that you can join it at any stop (or for type of routes that don’t have stops at any point along the route) and if you keep following it (the last way segment should connect to the first way segment, so that you can “keep following it” by continuing at the first way segment when you reach the last way segment) you will get back to the point where you joined the route.

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