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> Nice to know.
> Do they have "trailheads" as well? That is, areas with amenities like
> parking space, bicycle clamps, toilets, guideposts, infoboards, ice  cream
> vending spot, waste containers, horse food dispenser, soda machines,
> blister service, ... well, some of of those anyway, clearly meant as
> starting/ending point of one or more trails? I'm told there are official
> trailheads in the United States, and we have those in Nederland as well,
> called TOP's.
In Ireland the only thing I would typically expect to find at the official
start point of a trail is an information board. The other things can be
found in some cases, but only if the trail starts somewhere that has these
amenities for other reasons (e.g. a park, castle or other tourist
attraction). I have never heard of a blister service! When I map hiking
trails I try to map the information board if there is one, as well as
mapping the relation. I often find the other amenities, if they exists,
have already been mapped by non-hikers.

I'd say it is pretty much the same in the south of Spain where I also hike
a bit, except for the famous Caminito del Rey where entry is controlled by
tickets with timed entry slots. This is truly a oneway route. It is not
just that the waymarks only point one way: it is actually prohibited to go
backwards. You enter by the northern end and are expected to emerge at the
southern end.
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