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The activity of a prison is on behalf of a government, pursuant to a
statutory duty of the government to administer justice. That its
operation is outsourced to a private company doesn't change that fact.
You can't just start your own prison - it is a state monopoly. 

Public transport may be a state monopoly, but sometimes it isn't. In the
middle you have state regulation, which is the status in much of the UK.
Anyone can start a bus company, but you need to register the route at
least. (I think it might be a bit more complicated than that...)
Providing free transport, well, I suppose anyone can make it free if
they want, but the money has to come from somewhere... 

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> On 4. Nov 2018, at 10:19, Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net> wrote:
>> If it is a budget-dependent company/corporation, such as the Commodity Credit Corporation of the U.S. government, which generates no revenue of its own and relies wholly on appropriations from the U.S. Congress, yes, it should be tagged government.  As Deep Throat said, "Follow the money!"
> I find this difficult, because it implies we define what is original government duty and what is not. Providing beer is apparently not a government job (any more?), providing healthcare might be (?), what about transportation? Is free public transportation a government duty? They surely wouldn't generate (at least direct) profits, and if the service isn't free it could still be financed by the government and not be profitable. Similarly the providing of energy, water, the treatment of waste. Europeans tend to see prisons as government sites, in the US prisons are often private. 
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