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Mon Nov 5 16:07:03 UTC 2018

Hi Leif,

You made me do it! :-) I sort of stole your proposal and started creating a
new one. It differs in rather important ways from your proposal, so I
preferred not modifying your wiki page. I also think it's important to
decouple the (voting for a) full timetable solution from the solution where
tags are added to indicate interval during 'opening_hours' or a route,
which is a lot more likely to be accepted.

So here goes:

Please let me know what you think. What I still haven't figured out yet is
how to differ weekdays that fall in school holiday periods from "normal"
weekdays. So work in progress.


Op za 3 nov. 2018 om 16:25 schreef Leif Rasmussen <354lbr at gmail.com>:

> Polyglot:
> I think that having a timetable relation for each stop is less complicated
> than having one per route.  There are several advantages to this:
> 1) People can easily add a single relation at a time, rather than having
> to do the entire line at one time.  This could make it much easier to, for
> example, have a StreetComplete quest asking "What are the arrival times of
> bus X at this bus stop?"  iD could also have a field at bus stops with
> "arrivals for each parent bus route" that would allow people to seamlessly
> create timetable relations.  It also makes more features possible in the
> future, such as additional tags to each timetable.
> 2) The system is easier for newbies to learn to use.
> The disadvantage is that there are now a ton of relations per bus / train
> / subway route.  Creating these could made easier by a new JOSM plugin.
> Also, if someone wanted to delete all timetable relations that are part of
> a route, they could simply use this overpass query to download the data
> into JOSM and then delete all of the timetable relations:
> https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/Dlf
> If people really prefer a single timetable relation for each route, then I
> will go with that.
> Julien:
> Why not have a "delay"="<amount of time between arrival and departure at
> this platform>" tag instead of separate arrivals/departures tags?
> Thanks,
> Leif Rasmussen
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