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Anton Klim tohaklim at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 07:06:50 UTC 2018

I used office=government government=archive for these. 
Meaning of the office key is a bit wider for government offices, so I don’t really see an issue. 
On your best practice example, I don’t remember the government value for the building key, not sure we should make that a thing. Amenity=public building still strikes me as one of the least descriptive tags in osm.
While it’s certainly not a museum, I’d also argue it’s no library, since you don’t have the same degree of access, and it’s often not about reading a document but rather making inquiries. 


> 7 нояб. 2018 г., в 3:50, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> написал(а):
> Just look at the key government the first thing to strike me was archive, the key is meant to be used with office.
> I don't think of government archives as offices... so what is in the data base?
> Well for Kew, UK
> building=government with amenity=public_building
> There are quite a few archives with public building;
> Dublin, Ireland
> Engu, Nigeria
> New York, USA
> Some are just buildings;
> California, USA
> Normandy, France
> Cairo, Egypt
> Rarotonga, Cook Islands
> Abu Dhabi, UAE
> Some are Libraries;
> Chiang Mai, Thailand
> Adelphi, USA
> Some are museums;
> Tokyo, Japan
> Kabul, Afghanistan
> Some are government offices;
> Zomba, Malawi
> Libreville, Gabon
> Gaborone, Botswana
> Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
> Delhi, India
> Bangkok, Thailand
> ----------------------------
> Would be nice to have some consistency?
> Usually at least one of these per country, some times several depending on the size of the country.
> I found the above by searching for 'national archives'.
> I think Kew has it best;
>  building=government with amenity=public_building
> Humm that does not cover where there is one office you go to that is part of a larger building having other offices.. do these exist?
> And if so .. are they really an office ... or more like a library or a museum? I think a library, they are documents, very few 'artefacts'.
> Thoughts?
> ---------------
> There will be some that have 'off site storage'. These will be buildings, perhaps best described as warehouses?
> So building=warehouse, access=private could be best?
> I think that is fairly clear.
> ===================
> PS It seems that as I hunt down one problem I come across several more annoying ones ..
> though they decrease in numbers in the data base. I think I should buy some blinkers and stop seeing these things!!!
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